Shannon Doe

I was raised in the tall trees, rainy days, and lush green summers of the pacific northwest, with the forest as my backyard and rivers as my swimming pools.

The art world was introduced to me at the age of ten, from a discounted how to draw book sitting on a dusty shelf in the back of a Michael's. The day I opened that book was the day an addiction began and my artistic voice was discovered; I haven't stopped creating since! My art journey has taken me to many different places, from middle school doodling in the back of class, to high school competitions, to eventually a minor in art while at Uni. I have loved every step of the way.

I am inspired by the life around me and the things I learn. The natural landscapes of the PNW, the bustling artsy cities I've lived in, and the people I love all push me to create the things I do. Additionally as a woman with a growing STEM career day to day, I am influenced by health, feminism, and the general world of learning new things.

Each piece I make is a learning experience, a meditative outlet, and an expression of joy. I hope these energies I put into my paintings and drawings serve their future owners well in their new homes.